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About Angel Electric Motorcycles

Angel Electric Motorcycles was born in 2021 and is a family run business. The founders have a long love affair with two wheels and wanted to create a motorcycle dealership that made it very easy for people to quickly get involved and share our love of two wheels and the freedom it brings.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide the very best Electric Motorcycles, Electric Motor Scooters and Electric Bicycles (commonly known as E-Bikes, Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs) the world has to offer to our customers. We have three main criteria:

  • Quality. Each bike we sell must be of the very best quality. The founders work directly with the manufacturers to guaranty quality of the bikes.
  • Value for money. All the bikes we sell must be great value and more bang (or Zapp) for your buck!. 
  • Got to be fun! Most of all, the bikes we source must be fun to ride! 

How it works

We want to make the process of buying an electric motorcycle very simple for our customers. Our ‘How it works‘ page will show what we offer our customers.

Electric Motorcycles & Scooters

Why Electric Motorcycles & Scooters?

Benefits of the motorcycle/scooter.

  • Instant power and torque. Electric motorcycle/scooter’s are very powerful and deliver torque instantly. This torque means acceleration that traditional fuel bikes can not match. 
  • Lightweight. Electric motorcycles and scooters weigh less than their fuel powered alternatives. An electric motorcycle has very few moving parts. 
  • Less maintenance. With only a few moving parts, there is less maintenance with an electric motorcycle, so no more messy oil changes, replacement spark plugs or air filters to replace.
  • Their quiet! As there is no internal combustion engine, electric motorcycles are incredibly quiet. Your neighbour will thank you!
  • Perfect for riding in the city. Electric bikes are great for riding in the cities. With more and more cities banning petrol powered vehicles from entering the centres, electric motorcycles are permitted to enter these exclusion zones. Being electric, city centres have electric charging points that can charge your bike up whilst you shop or go to work.

The cost benefit.

  • Less maintenance means low cost maintenance. Having few moving parts, electric motorcycles are very cost effective to maintain. Here at Angel Electric Motorcycles, we are so confident in the build quality of the bikes we stock, with every electric motorcycle or scooter, we will maintain the vehicle for two years for free! All you have to do is maintain the wearables such as tyres, brake pads/disc and hydraulic fluid.
  • Zero Road Tax. Yes, all electric motorcycles are exempt from road tax.
  • ‘Fuel’ Cost. An Electric motorcycle ‘full tank’ costs less in energy bills than filling up a traditional combustion engine bike.
  • Grants, Incentives and Government schemes. There are a multitude of Grants, Incentives and Government schemes to purchase electric motorcycles, so not only are electric bikes fun to ride, low maintenance and cost you less, there are incentives to help you buy an electric bike. Keep up to date on our social media platforms for the latest incentives. 

Categories of Electric Motorcycles, Scooters and licences required

As electric motorcycles use electricity as a power source, finding a motorcycle that suits your licence and/or experience can be daunting.

Like their petrol cousins, some electric motorcycles require just a car licence, or a CBT, or a full motorcycle licence. the table below shows what licence is required for the category of electric motorcycles.

All our bikes at Angel Electric Motorcycles can be filtered so you can see motorcycles suited to your licence. Requirements can be found on the Government Website.



E-Bikes - Pedelecs - S-Pedelecs

E-Bikes & Pedelecs explained

Both an E-bike and Pedelec look like your every day bicycle so can be incredibly difficult to tell the difference and to choose what’s best for you. Both an E-bike and Pedelec use an electric motor for propulsion but it’s HOW this propulsion is generated that is the difference between the two.

  • An E-bike uses a hand grip based throttle system.
  • A Pedelec uses a pedal assisted motor to generate propulsion, hence ‘Pedelec’.

An hand throttle E-Bike means the motor and pedals are independent of each other. This allows the rider to pedal as much or as little as they want. 

A Pedelec has the pedals and electric motor as one unit so the electric motor only kicks in when the rider is pedalling. The motor will turn off automatically once the rider stops pedalling or presses the brakes. Pedelecs have a top speed of 15.5 MPH (25 KPH)

S-Pedelecs explained

S-Pedelecs are more powerful versions of Pedelecs with a top speed of 28 MPH (45KPH). As S-Pedelecs are much faster they actually fall into the Moped category. This mean the rider must:

  • Have a Moped driving entitlement on their licence.
  • Have insurance.
  • Register the S-Pedelec with DVLA and apply for licence plate.
  • Install licence plate on rear of the S-Pedelec.
  • Only be ridden on roads.
  • Ride with suitable protection such as a helmet.

Being classed as a moped, S-Pedelecs are fitted with rear view mirrors, indicators and front and rear lights.

How to register a S-Pedelec.

We provide the two forms that need to be completed when the S-Pedelec is delivered. The information you require for the forms is contained within the Certificate of Conformity which comes with the bike, a bank statement or utility bill and your driving licence or passport. Once the forms are completed they need to be sent to the DVLA with a cheque for £55 to register the bike for the road.

Once the V5 is returned you can then get a licence plate created which costs around £10.

S-Pedelec Insurers

S-Pedelecs are gaining popularity but finding insurance can be difficult. The two main insurers are:

How to Order

Order Process

We have made the ordering process very simple and will be familiar to people who have ordered online before. Simply find the motorcycle/scooter/ebike of your choice and add it to your cart. Proceed to checkout and pay for the item. It’s that simple.


We use Paypal as our payment system which most of our customers are very much used to. We also use SSL to encrypt the connection between our customer and the payment system.


Delivery Process

Once an electric motorcycle or e-bike has been ordered, we will arrange delivery with our customer on a date and time suited to them. 

Personalised Delivery

We pride ourselves on customer service, so we decided to make the delivery service a part of our customer service. Once delivery has been organised, our delivery team will deliver your bike to your door, unload your bike and walk you through the controls of the bike to make sure you are comfortable, before you jump on for your first ride.


Warranties on our bikes

All our bikes come with manufacturers warranties which are individually listed on each bike description.

What do our warranties cover?

The warranties cover the main components of the motorcycle, the motor, batteries and the controller. However each manufacturers warranty will state what is covered. 

How to make a warranty claim?

Simply call our support team to start the warranty claim process. Angel Electric Motorcycles will then validate the claim and we will organise a date and time with our customer to complete the repair at their home address.